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I, Alvaro Ruiz Saravia, am a licensed General, Roofing, Mechanical, Plumbing, Pool, & Solar Contractor in the State of Florida. My mission is to provide clients with a comprehensive range of roofing and construction services. From the very beginning of my career, I have placed a strong emphasis on meeting my clients' needs and ensuring their satisfaction. As a second-generation contractor, I am committed to upholding professionalism and transparency for generations to come.

Our Three-Star symbolizes a deeper meaning; it represents the presence of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit guiding our business.


Alvaro Ruiz -S.


Please note that we are a unique entity operating under the name Jireh Roofing Contractor USA, INC. We have no affiliation with any other "Jireh Roofing" businesses.

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JIREH ROOFING CONTRACTOR USA INC is fully covered with workers' compensation and liability insurance, providing up to $2 million in protection. We are licensed and certified by the State of Florida, establishing us as a trustworthy choice. When considering a Miami roofer, it is essential to demand proof of insurance and a valid license. Opting for lower-priced options without these credentials could potentially put you, the property owner, at risk of liability in case of accidents. Safeguard your home or business and make a secure choice.

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